About us

XWP Education center is a well-known organization which dedicates to improving high school students study.

During the past 10 years, we accumulated much experience related to the qualities of high middle school students and how to deal with these qualities effectively. As a specialized learning organization, we possess a group of teachers who are always engaging in the efficient teaching of all subjects. Enthusiasm to education, love to the students as well as specialty to teaching are our characteristics. Our orderly classroom and intimate service helps to create a dynamic and friendly atmosphere which is suitable to students.

Additionally, our teacher is well-chosen from plenty of excellent ones who can ensure the teaching quality and the students' grades including their interest to the high-school study. Besides, we arrange some teacher assistants who communicate with students well and possess many knowledge of education.

Our tuition fee is handed in per month and the lesson schedule can be referred to our web site http://www.xwp.com. In short, we specialize in four subjects including maths, phisics,chemistry and English. Every high-school student who has motivation to improve his/her study can be enrolled in our class.

XWP Education has provided many customers with professional and effective service since past, and we will exert our specialty and provide customers with more effective education service in the future. We welcome students from everywhere and we will do our best to satisfy your taste.